Thursday, January 9, 2020

Potential "Drinking Water Well" Contaminant Sources

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Contamination of Ground Water Storage

Potential Well Contaminant Sources
Agriculture - Fertilizer storage and use, animal feedlots, animal waste disposal systems, animal burial, manure stockpiles (e.g. pits and lagoons), manure spreading, general waste disposal wells, pesticide storage and use (e.g. spread by airplane), field irrigation
Commercial - Airports, boatyards, railroad track and yards, junkyards, recycling and waste transfer stations, auto repairs shops, car washes, laundromats, dry cleaners, paint shops, gas stations, construction sites, golf courses, floor drains and waste disposal wells, research laboratories and medical institutions, funeral homes and cemeteries
Industry - Oil and gas production and storage, pipelines, petroleum refineries, chemical manufacture and storage, mining, electroplating facilities, foundries, metal fabrication facilities, machine shops, waste disposal wells, paper mills, textile mills
Residential - fuel oil storage tanks, household chemical storage and use, swimming pool chemical storage, septic tanks and leach fields, sewer lines, floor drains, lawn fertilizer storage and use
Other - road de-icing, landfills, sewer lines, storm water pipes and drains, abandoned production and disposal wells, nearby active disposal wells, illegal dumping

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